Getting started with Sharesight

Content also available for tax entities or on our global site.

Welcome to Sharesight!

We’ll show you how easy it is to get up and running with Sharesight.

You’ll see that your first Sharesight portfolio has been automatically created for you, with the default settings of the country you selected as the tax residency when you signed up.

Sharesight portfolios reflect tax entities and as such the portfolio currency, tax setting, functionality and reporting are all related to the tax residency country.

1Your first job is to add your investments into your portfolio.

Add trade

You can choose to record all of your previous buy and sell trades, or set up opening balances and then record the buy and sell trades from that point forward.

NOTE: We recommend that a portfolio relates to a tax entity. If you own shares under more than one tax entity you can create an additional portfolios for each tax entity.

2See the magic of Sharesight.

We’ll automatically calculate your performance, capital gains and losses. We’ll also automatically calculate and record dividend payments, reconstruction adjustments (share splits, consolidations, etc) and name changes by applying company event data against the buy and sell transactions in your portfolio.

Auto Generated Trades

3Verify and confirm.

As the manager of your Sharesight Account, it’s important to verify and confirm all imported investment data and automatically generated data.

4Keep your trading data up to date.

Either automatically by getting your broker to email your contract notes to Sharesight, or if your broker supports Sharesight Connect you can link your trading account to your Sharesight portfolio online. Alternatively, you can record the buy and sell trades yourself.

Last modified on December 1, 2023 UTC

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