Automatically generated dividends and adjustments

Once you’ve added your holdings into Sharesight, Sharesight will automatically generate dividends and adjustments for the holdings based on the quantity and time the holdings are held, e.g. how many shares you own and for how long.

For the automatically generated transactions to be accurate, the holding must have all of the trades added.

The automatically generate dividends and adjustments are calculated and recorded from the trade data you have added into your Sharesight portfolio and the information Sharesight’s data provider has on the holding. Because of this, there can be some discrepancies with some of the data; such as currency rates, etc. As such, automatically generated dividends and adjustments can require adjusting and need to be confirmed.

Automatically generated dividends and adjustments are known as ‘unconfirmed transactions’ in Sharesight.

Unconfirmed transactions need to be confirmed once you have added all your trades for the holding and you have your dividend information to hand to adjust or confirm the transaction to match your records.

On the Portfolio Overview Page, unconfirmed transactions are indicated by an orange box on the right of each holding in the holding table. The number displayed in the orange box is the number of unconfirmed transaction the holding has.

automatically generated div

On the Portfolio Overview Page, click on the holding to load the Individual Holding Page. Select “Trades & income” tab to view the unconfirmed automatically generated transactions which are indicated as ‘unconfirmed/pending’ in the Status column.

Unconfirmed trades

The unconfirmed trasnactions will automatically recalculate if buy and sell trades are edited/added, or if Sharesight receives updated company event data.

Confirming automatically generated transactions

It is important to verify and confirm that the automatically generated transactions are correct, so that your Sharesight data is accurate for your return figures, as well as for your tax and performance reports. Unconfirmed transactions can be verified and confirmed for individual or multiple transactions for one holding.

Last modified on March 27, 2024 UTC

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