Custom Groups

Custom Groups enable you to customise how your holdings are grouped on certain reports, which is a useful way to apply your own asset allocation framework to your portfolios.

Once created Custom Groups you will now be available to use them in addition to the standard groupings:

  • Market
  • Sector
  • Industry
  • Investment Type
  • Country

Custom Groups can be used to organise your holdings on the Portfolio Overview Page and can be applied to the following reports:

Custom Groups are saved at the account level, meaning they will be applied to all portfolios in your account when being used.

To apply a Custom Group, use the ‘Grouping by’ option on Reports or Portfolio Overview Page and your Custom Groups will be listed below the default groupings.

custom group 1 (1)

Depending on your plan type you can maintain multiple Custom Groups and sets of Categories:

To create a Custom Group and the categories:

1 – From any page within Sharesight, click ‘Account Settings’ from the top right of the screen.

custom group 2 (1)

2 – From the dropdown menu, select ‘My Custom Groups’.

custom group 3

3 – To change the default Custom Group name, click on the current name, delete the text and type the name you wish to call the Custom Group.

custom group 4

4 – Click on the ‘Add new category’ button. You can create as many categories as you’d like within a Custom Group.

custom group 5

5 – To change the default category name, click on the current name, delete the text and type the name you wish to call the category.

custom group 6

6 - To add holdings to the category, drag and drop them from the list of ‘Ungrouped Instruments’ on the left into the category box.

Embedded content:

Note: If your holdings list is long, use the ‘Search Instruments’ field on the right hand side of the screen. Type out the name of the holding or code. The search result will appear with the ‘Ungrouped Instruments’.
Note: To delete a Custom Group or category click on the bin icon in the category or next to the group.
Note: Moving holdings between categories is the same process as adding them to a new category.
Note: The ‘Ungrouped Instruments’ contains holdings from all your portfolios in your account.

To create additional Custom Groups:

1 - Click the arrow dropdown next to the current Custom Group name.

custom group 7

2 – Click on the ‘Add New Custom Group’ button.

custom group 8

Note: A Custom Group is a collection of Categories and Categories are not shared between Custom Groups.

Last modified on September 14, 2023 UTC

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