Importing contract notes via email

Sharesight can automatically record your buy and sell trades into your portfolio via the PDF contract note attachments that are emailed to you by your broker after a trade has completed.

Sharesight reads in the transaction details included in the email attachment and automatically records the trade into your portfolio. Once the trade has been successfully recorded into your portfolio, you will receive a confirmation email from Sharesight.

Sharesight can currently process PDF contract notes from a number of brokers in NZ and Australia. Please see here for a list of supported brokers.

Instructional video

Importing contract notes via email - Sharesight Portfolio Management

Enabling Broker email importing

Broker email importing is enabled on a per portfolio basis. Sharesight generates a unique email address for each portfolio. You then need to instruct your broker to email a copy of your trade contract notes to this email address. Alternatively you can forward contract notes from your broker to Sharesight yourself (see below). To enable broker email importing for a portfolio, click the ‘settings’ tab and select the option to enable the broker email import. Once enabled, an email address for your portfolio will be displayed, which you can provide to your broker. sharesight_broker_import

How it works

Each time a contract note is received from your broker, Sharesight will automatically create a trade in your portfolio. Trades created in this way will contain a comment to indicate that the trade was created in Sharesight via an email. Emails are typically processed in around 5 minutes. As soon as the trade has been processed you will receive a confirmation email from Sharesight containing a link to the newly created trade.

Manually forwarding historic broker contract notes to Sharesight

It is also possible to manually forward historic contract notes to Sharesight. In order to ensure correct processing, please ensure that you:

  • Enter your unique Sharesight portfolio email address in the recipient (to:) field.
  • Include the exact spelling of the broker’s name somewhere in the subject line of the email. In order to ensure a correct match, please type the broker name exactly as it appears in our list of supported brokers.
  • Only forward valid contract notes in PDF format – Invoices, remittance advice, order confirmations, etc are unable to be processed.

Contract Notes Inbox

The Contract Notes Inbox can be viewed by clicking on the ‘View Contract Notes’ link on the settings tab for the broker email import function. ContractNoteInbox1

This will display a list of all emails sent to your portfolio email address. The status column displays the current status of the transaction (e.g. green box for Processed or the red triangle for Failed contract notes). ContractNoteInbox2

You can click on each row in the email import log to view details of the email along with details and a link to the trade that has been created in Sharesight.


Occasionally a trade may not be able to be imported. If a trade is unable to be imported, you will receive an email notifying you of this along with a brief explanation of the problem. The email will also show the ‘Failed’ status in the email import log. Below is a list of the most common types of errors and how to handle them:

Validation error

Validation errors are the most common reason for a trade import to fail. Validation errors mean that the email has been processed correctly, but importing the trade would result in an error in your portfolio.

For example a sell trade cannot be imported if you do not have any pervious buy trades recorded as this would result in a negative quantity of shares being held. If you receive a validation error, you can fix the problem in your portfolio and then reprocess the transaction by re-forwarding the broker contract note to your portfolio email address.

Unknown broker error

This type of error occurs when Sharesight cannot determine which broker the email is from. Here are some common issues and how to avoid them:

  • Please ensure that the broker is on the list of supported brokers. If your broker is not on the list, ask us to support your broker by submitting an ‘idea’ to the community forum. If someone else has already suggested that we add your broker, please click the “+1” button to add your vote. This will allow us to prioritise support for additional brokers.
  • Sharesight usually uses the ‘from’ address of the broker to determine which broker has sent the email, however if you are manually forwarding broker contract notes to Sharesight for processing, please ensure that the email subject line contains the name of the broker.

Processing error

Usually this is because the email does not contain a valid trade contract note or there is another issue with the email.

  • Sometimes brokers send out other emails (eg newsletters) to their email database, or a spam email has been received. These errors can usually be ignored. Spam emails are usually not a problem provided that your unique portfolio email address is kept private, however if you do have a problem with spam email, please contact us.
  • When sending an email with multiple contract notes, they must be from the same broker. If you use multiple brokers, simply send a different email with the other contract notes.
  • Brokers will change their contract note design from time-to-time, and Sharesight will only support the current look-and-feel, so please take that into consideration when trying to import older contract notes.
  • The email and contract note attachment(s) cannot exceed 10MB.

If you believe that a valid contract note resulted in a processing error, please contact us.

Last modified on November 30, 2017 UTC