Getting Started with Sharesight Pro

This page applies only to Sharesight Pro partners.

Welcome to Sharesight Pro!

We’ll show you how easy it is to get up and running with Sharesight Pro.

There is a demo Sharesight portfolio automatically created for you to explore the Sharesight Pro features. This portfolio will automatically reset to the demo stocks in 30 days, it can also be reset manually.

1 - Get started by adding portfolios to track yours’ or your clients’ investments. You can choose to record all of historical buy and sell trades, or set up opening balances and then record the buy and sell trades from that point forward.

Note: If you have lots of portfolios to upload we have an API you can use to quickly upload lots of portfolios.

2 - See the magic of Sharesight. We’ll automatically calculate the performance, capital gains/losses and currency fluctuations. We’ll also automatically calculate and record, dividend payments, reconstruction adjustments (share splits, consolidations, etc) and name changes by applying company event data against the buy and sell transactions in the portfolios.

3 - Verify and confirm. As the manager of your Sharesight Account, it’s important to verify and confirm all imported investment data and automatically generated data.

4 - Keep the trading data up to date. Either automatically by getting the broker to email the contract notes to Sharesight, or if the broker supports Sharesight Connect link the trading account to the Sharesight portfolio. Alternatively, you can record the buy and sell trades.

5 - Share access of the Sharesight account with your colleagues by inviting them as Staff. So they can access already created portfolios or create their own portfolios.

6 - Use Sharesight to engage more with your clients or as an addition offering to your service. This can be done through either; sharing access of their portfolio with the client or providing PDF reports with your company logo on.

Last modified on August 19, 2021 UTC

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