Confirming multiple unconfirmed transactions

In your Sharesight portfolio you can confirm multiple unconfirmed transactions quickly and easily from the Individual Holding Page for each holding.

1 – On the Portfolio Overview Page, click on the holding.

2 – On the Individual Holding Page, click on ‘Confirmed automatic transactions’ button.

2 - Confirming multiple unconfirmed transactions

3 – Each unconfirmed transaction will show in the ‘Income list’.

Review the transaction data on the ‘Unconfirmed transactions’ pop up window.

If a transaction requires amending either untick the box on the left of the transaction and edit and confirm the transaction later individual or click ‘Edit’. This will load the ‘Edit a Payment’ pop window and you will now be confirming only one transaction.

Once you have amended the transaction and clicked the ‘save and confirm payout’ button on the ‘Edit a Payment’ window, you will need to redo steps 1 and 2 to confirm the rest of the unconfirmed transactions.

4 – Once you have unticked the transaction(s) you wish to amend later, click ‘Confirm selection’.

Note: Once a dividend or trade has been confirmed, the lightning bolt icon - lightning bolt icon will disappear. This data is now permanently saved against your portfolio and will no longer automatically recalculate when you make changes to the holding.e.g. adjusting or [adding additional trades(/recording-trades-dividends-and-adjustments/ “Adding trades”).

Confirming multiple unconfirmed transactions

Last modified on March 13, 2020 UTC

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