Upgrade to a Sharesight account from a guest account

When you are granted access to someone’s Sharesight portfolio and are not currently a Sharesight user you will be given a guest account with access to the shared portfolio with the level of access they selected. This means that you will not have access to all Sharesight features.

To be able to set up your own portfolio you will need to upgrade your guest account to user account. To do this:

1 - From any page, select ‘Account Settings’.

2 - Then from the dropdown menu select ‘Signup’. Signup

3 - The ‘Signup for Free’ window will load, select the ‘Tax residency’ of the portfolio country. This determines the currency and Tax of the portfolio.

4 - Select ‘I agree to the Sharesight terms & conditions’.

5 - Click ‘Continue’.


6 - Your Sharesight account will now be a Free plan and have all the Free plan features. You are now able upgrade to a premium plan.

Last modified on April 30, 2024 UTC

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