Future Income Report

Note: This report is only available on Investor, Expert and Sharesight Pro plans. You can upgrade your plan to use this feature.

The Future Income Report in Sharesight lists expected upcoming dividend and interest payments. The report is calculated based on the current portfolio positions and using available data.

Companies may announce dividends many weeks or even months in advance of the payment date. When this information becomes available the information will be displayed in the report.

Note: Sometimes this data is incomplete and is subject to change up until the dividend ex-date, therefore the report is indicative only and all values are subject to change. Sharesight does not copy over dividends from previous years to future years to come.

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Selection criteria

The report may be run up to 3 years in the future using the date range selector. By default the report is run between the current date and 12 months in the future. Note that dividend payments are rarely announced more than a few months in advance, however interest bearing securities that have interest payments calculated using the published coupon rate may be predicted further into the future. It is also possible to back date the report to include past payments as well.


You can opt to view all payments listed individually or monthly totals, these options are described in further detail below.

All transactions view

The ‘all transactions’ view lists all upcoming transactions individually. If the ex-date has been reached a link is provided to view the transaction that has been created in your portfolio (the transactions are recorded in your portfolio on the ex-date). Note, the future transactions are not converted into your local currency as the exchange rate information is not yet available.


Monthly totals view

The monthly totals view provides a total of expected income payments by month.


Last modified on April 30, 2024 UTC

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