Delete a holding

Delete an entire holding in your Sharesight portfolio will delete all associated trades and dividend.

Recommendation: Do not delete a holding as a result of a sale as it is important to retain a record of your transactions for reporting purposes. If you have sold the holding you should record a sell trade against the holding.

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To delete a holding:

1 – On the Portfolio Overview Page of the portfolio that contains the holding you would like to delete. Click on the holding, you wish to delete.

2 – Scroll down and click on ‘Holding Settings menu’, in the bottom right hand corner of the Individual Holdings Page.

delete a holding - 1

3 – Click on ‘Delete this Holding’.

delete a holding - 2

4 – Click ‘Delete!’ on the warning popup window.

delete a holding - 3

Last modified on September 8, 2023 UTC

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