How to change from Sharesight Retail to Sharesight Pro Account

Under an existing retail account if there is a need to track more portfolios than the current Expert plan limit or have the additional Pro features. The Retail plan has to be upgraded to Sharesight Pro plan.

1 - Go to the Sharesight Pro website.

Sharesight pro website

2 - Create a new Sharesight Pro account by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Pro Sign up

Note: A new email address will be required to create the Pro account. This has to be different from the current email address used for the retail account. If the old retail account email address needs to be used for the new Pro account then this should be first unassigned from the retail account by updating it. This is due to the fact that a single email address cannot be used to create more than 1 Sharesight account.

3 - Once you have successfully created a new Pro account, please contact our support team to move over all your portfolio’s under the retail account to the new Pro account.

Note: Contact via the Sharesight Pro email address. Also, mention the retail account email address. This will be used to move the portfolios to the new pro account.

4 - Then cancel the retail account. This will take effect immediately. This step is very important. If the retail account is not cancelled the account owner will continue to pay for the subscription.

Note: For any newly created Pro account Sharesight, offers 30 days free trial period (no credit card required) after which the account holder is charged according to the subscription plan selected.

Additional Pro benefits:

Pro dashboard 1

  • Whitelabel Reports by replacing Sharesight logo with your Company’s logo

  • Grant access of portfolios to staff and clients with different level of access:

    1. Read only
    2. Read & Write
    3. Admin
  • Integration with Advisor Logic

  • Integration with Desktop Broker

  • Get access to dedicated support and training via multiple channels including phone, direct email.

Last modified on June 7, 2024 UTC

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