Add a Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA)

There are three ways to track cash investments such as bank accounts, term deposits, fixed interest securities, and broker-linked cash accounts in Sharesight Pro:

Macquarie Cash Management Accounts (CMAs) can be integrated into individual portfolios on Sharesight Pro meaning that an up to date and on-going cash balance will be automatically displayed within Sharesight. Macquarie requires that you establish ESI credentials between your Macquarie account and your Sharesight account. This is a one-time only step (instructions below). Once you’ve connected your ESI credentials, adding additional CMAs to portfolios is a simple, one step process.

Adding a Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA) - Sharesight Portfolio Management

To get started, open the dropdown menu next to Add Holding and select Add Cash Account.

macquarie 1

Choose the tab for Macquarie Account.

macquarie 2

If this is your first time integrating Sharesight with Macquarie you’ll need to retrieve your ESI credentials by logging into your CMA account. Within your Macquarie account:

  1. Click on the Data Feeds menu and select the ‘Setup ESI’ option
  2. On this page select ‘request new esi authentication details’ link
  3. Enter your password and select authorise, Click OK
  4. Your authentication details are generated and shown on screen
  5. Copy and paste these into the Authentication Code and Authentication Password fields on Sharesight (shown above)

Next (on Sharesight) enter the Macquarie account number and give the cash holding a name. The account number must match the account number of the CMA you wish you bring into this portfolio, but you can choose any name you wish for the cash holding (remember you’re already inside a particular portfolio so the name can be made generic, e.g. “Cash Account”).

After you click the Create new cash account button, Sharesight will retrieve your CMA transaction history from Macquarie and display your current balance. This also serves as the cash holding detail page. On this page you can search for cash specific transactions or export the data to Excel or PDF.


Back on the Portfolio Overview page, you’ll now see a new section called Cash Accounts, which includes your CMA. This balance will be automatically updated every day. Clicking into this holding will display the CMA transactional history.


Unsettled Trades Adjustment

If you use the Macquarie CMA account for funding trades, you can also use a feature that will automatically account for any portfolio balance discrepancies due to unsettled trades. Since trades appear in Sharesight in a matter of seconds, but the cash is not debited from the funding account for up to three days (T+3 rule), this feature will automatically offset the value of the newly purchased shares with the appropriate amount of cash.

This unsettled cash balance will then automatically reverse itself after three days. When this is in effect you’ll notice a new line item under the CMA titled Unsettled Trades Adjustment.


To toggle this feature on or off, go to the Settings menu within the portfolio and tick the box next to Calculate Cash Accounts Adjustments.


Adding Subsequent Macquarie CMA Accounts

Once you’ve established your ESI connection with Macquarie you will not need to repeat this step. Adding subsequent CMA accounts can be done by selecting Existing Credentials on the setup page. Simply enter the account number and give the cash holding a name.


Last modified on August 19, 2021 UTC

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