Referring clients

As an alternative to creating portfolios for your clients (and optionally sharing portfolios with them) you may refer clients to sign up to Sharesight directly.

Note: This page applies only to Sharesight Pro partners.

To refer a client, click the ‘Invite client’ button from the add portfolio page. Your client will start out on our Free Plan but may upgrade their account to an Investor or Expert plan subscription at any time (see our pricing page for details of our individual subscription options).

Your client will receive an invitation email containing your personalised message. When the client accepts your invitation we’ll prompt them to share their portfolio with you so it’s included in your list of portfolios. Any pending invites will be listed on your dashboard page with an option to send a reminder to the client if you need to.

Note: Free plan customers can only share their portfolio if they upgrade to a paid plan, or are invited to do so by a Sharesight Pro partner.


Sharing a portfolio with a client

Last modified on March 16, 2020 UTC