Manage devices logged in to your Sharesight account

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If you log in to Sharesight from more than one device, by visiting the ‘Your Devices’ page you can see a list of browsers/devices currently logged in to your account, and choose to logout those sessions/devices remotely.

How to manage logged in sessions on the Your Devices page:

  1. From any page within Sharesight, click ‘Account Settings’ from the top right of the screen. manage devices logged in - 1

  2. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Account preferences’. manage devices logged in - 2

  3. Click ‘Manage devices’ under Your Devices section. manage devices logged in - 3

  4. Your Devices lists all devices/browsers you are currently logged in on. manage devices logged in - 4

  5. Click ‘Logout’ to log out of the current session (labelled “This Device”) OR any other active opened sessions on other browsers/devices. manage devices logged in - 5

Note: If you log out of the current session - ‘This Device’ user gets taken to the login screen.

Last modified on January 5, 2023 UTC

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