Taxable Income Report

The Taxable Income reports lists separately all dividend payments and interest payments received within the selected time period. The report is designed to provide the information relating to your portfolio that you are required to include in your tax return to the ATO. Separate tables are provided for Australian taxable income and overseas taxable income.


The Date Range Selector allows you to choose which date range you wish to view your Taxable Income Report.


The date range selector allows you to choose the period in which you would like to run the taxable income report. By default the current tax year is displayed.

Taxable Income Report

The taxable income report lists the net dividend, franked amount, unfranked amount, franking credits and withholding tax figures for each holding and provides total figures.

Australian Taxable Income Report Example


Note: Please check the figures provided in the report against your actual dividend statements before using this information in your tax return. Sharesight relies on third party vendors for dividend information and we do our best to ensure that all data is as accurate as possible, however, we are not responsible for missing or inaccurate data.

Last modified on January 17, 2018 UTC