Recording trades, dividends, and adjustments

It is possible to edit any trade, dividend or adjustment that has been automatically recorded in Sharesight. However, typically only confirming the data is required.

Key topics handled in this section

Automatically generated data

Once you have added a new holding into your portfolio, you can click on the name of the holding from the Overview tab to bring up a detail page for the holding (alternatively you can search for the holding from the Holdings tab). You may notice that some adjustments and dividends have been automatically calculated and recorded. AutomaticGeneratedDataSSNew1

These automatic transactions are indicated by the lightning bolt icon: automatic_icon

The automatic data won’t be correct if you have made additional buys and sells that have not yet been recorded into your portfolio. Don’t worry about this initially – as long as the data has a lightning bolt icon next to it, it will automatically recalculate and update as you record any additional buys and sells into your portfolio.

Recording additional buy, sell, or adjustment trades

You can add additional buy, sell or adjustment trades for any holding in your portfolio. Simply click on the relevant holding from the overview tab and then click the ‘Enter a new trade button’. Be sure to select the appropriate trade type at the top of the form (eg Buy or Sell), then enter the details of the trade and click the ‘Save’ button. EnterANewTradeSSNew2

Sharesight will check that the trade is valid before it is saved into your portfolio. For example Sharesight will not let you save a trade that would result in a negative quantity position. For this reason, it is best to record additional trades in the date order that they occurred.

Confirming automatically generated data

Once you have recorded all of your buy and sell trades, it’s a good idea to verify that the automatically generated data is correct. To do this click on the automatically generated transaction and click the Save and confirm button.

Once a dividend or trade has been saved the lightning bolt icon will disappear. This data is now permanently saved against your portfolio and will no longer automatically recalculate when you make changes to the shareholding. EditAPaymentSSNew3

Last modified on February 6, 2017 UTC