Two Factor Authentication

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security to your Sharesight account. When 2FA is enabled you must enter a temporary authentication code in addition to your email and password each time you login.

The temporary authentication codes are accessed via an Authentication app located on your phone. We recommend using either Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy or Windows phone Authenticator.

How to enable Two-Factor Authentication

Step one - Install an Authentication App

Download and install the Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy or Windows Phone Authenticator app for your phone or tablet. If you already have 2FA enabled on another website then it’s likely you will already have a suitable Authentication app on your mobile.

Step two - Scan the QR code

In your Sharesight account navigate to Account Settings > My Details and select Enable Two-Factor Authentication My Details page

Open your chosen Authentication app and select the “+” icon in the top right of the app.

Scan the image as directed on the Activate Two-Factor Authentication screen QR code step 2

Step three - Enter Authentication Code

Once the QR code above is scanned enter the 6-digit authentication code generated by the authentication app. Select ‘Verify Code and Activate’ 6 digit code


Make sure to retain the backup codes provided immediately after activating 2FA.

If you lose the device containing your Authentication app you will need these codes in order to access Sharesight.

Losing your Authentication app and backup codes could result in you being permanently locked out of your Sharesight account.

Last modified on August 19, 2021 UTC

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