Deleting a holding

In addition to deleting individual transactions such as trades or dividends it is possible in Sharesight to delete an entire holding including all associated transactions. This may be required to correct an error such as recording the holding in the wrong portfolio.

If you only wish to monitor your current holdings you may do so by selecting the ‘Report on Open Positions’ setting under the ‘advanced options’ link on the Overview page and Performance Report.

Important note: You should not delete a holding as a result of a sale as it is important to retain a record of your transactions for reporting purposes. If you have sold the holding you should record a sell trade against the holding.

To delete a holding simply follow these steps:

Select the portfolio that contains the holding you would like to delete. Click on the holding, scroll down and you will find the “Holding Settings menu” in the bottom right hand corner of the page.


Click on “Delete this Holding” and a warning box will appear reminding you that all trades and income records related to this holding will be permanently deleted.


If you wish to continue, press “Delete!”.


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Last modified on January 31, 2017 UTC