Creating a Cash Account

Content also available for tax entities or on our global site.
Note: This feature is currently only available on Starter, Investor, Expert and Sharesight Pro plans.

1 – On either the Portfolio Overview page, Individual Holding Page or Holding Tab click on the ‘Add a Cash Account’ button.

creating a cash account 1

2 – Select the currency of the Cash Account from the dropdown menu. The total value of your Cash Account will be converted to the currency of your portfolio tax residency.

3 – Type the name of the Cash Account. This will be the name displayed within Sharesight on the Portfolio Overview page.

4 – Click ‘Create new Cash Account’.

creating a cash account 2

The Cash Account will be created and loaded.

creating a cash account 3

Now add the transaction to the Cash Account.

The Cash Account will appear on the Portfolio Overview page and the value of the Cash Account will be added to the portfolio total value. The Cash Account will not be calculated in the portfolio returns.

creating a cash account 4

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Sync historical transactions to your Cash Account.

Last modified on September 14, 2023 UTC

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