Renounceable Rights

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Learn about Renounceable Rights and how to handle them in your Sharesight investment portfolio(s).

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What are renounceable rights and what is the process behind it?

Renounceable rights are offers issued by a company to shareholders to purchase more shares of the company’s stock, typically at a discount. Renounceable rights have a value and can be traded. Shareholders that have received renounceable rights have three choices of what to do with the rights:

  • Shareholders can act on the rights and buy more shares as per the particulars of the rights issue.
  • Shareholders can sell them on the market.
  • Shareholders can pass on taking advantage of their rights.

The reason a company would offer their shareholders renounceable rights is to raise more capital to invest in their business. Typically, there is a ratio for renounceable rights that calculates how many rights you receive per owned shares. For example, the Westpac (WBC) rights issue was done with a ratio of 1:23. This entitled shareholders to receive one renounceable right per 23 owned WBC shares they owned. Read more about the ins and outs of deferred settlement periods, as they apply to holdings on the ASX.

Will Sharesight automate renounceable rights for me in my portfolio?

Unfortunately Sharesight cannot automate the renounceable rights for you. The reason being is that you need to make a personal financial decision as to what you want to do concerning the rights you receive. As mentioned above there are three different choices you may opt for and Sharesight is not privy to this information.

I have not taken up my rights but I received a cash payment, how to record this?

In Australia, this payment may generally be recorded as an unfranked dividend under the main share code. Please check with your advisor if you are unsure as to the appropriate tax treatment for your situation.

I have taken up my rights how do I record this?

If you have taken up your right you may record your new shares under the main share code. Enter a buy trade to record the quantity, price, and date that you acquired the new shares.

I have purchased more rights how do I record this?

If you have purchased more rights, you may record under the renounceable rights share code for example for Westpac it was WBCR (Westpac Banking Corporation Rights) on the date that you purchased them and with the cost base you purchased the rights for.

I will sell my rights how do i record this?

If you sell your rights, you must first record a buy transaction with a zero cost base at the purchase date, and followed by a sell transaction for the amount that you sold them for.

How long do I have to wait until the main share code has price updates again?

Have a look at the corporate action help topic “what is a deferred settlement period” to find out when your prices will update again for most Australian holdings. For all other holdings held on other markets this does not apply and prices might update differently.

Where can I ask my question concerning renounceable rights?

The Sharesight community forum is a great place to start. Should you not find your specific example and it is a tricky one, please feel free to leave a message as a question in the forum and we ensure to help you along.

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Last modified on August 19, 2021 UTC

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