View holdings within the Consolidated View

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By default, each holding within the Consolidated View is listed as a separate line item on the Overview Page and in the reports.

This means, if you hold the same holding in multiple portfolios, they will displayed in multiple lines. Each holding is labelled with the portfolio that it belongs to.

As per a standard portfolio, you can click on the the holding to access the Individual Holding Page in the underlying portfolio.

1 Viewing holdings within the Consolidated View

On the Overview Page and selected reports, an option is provided to combine holdings by share code. This allows you to view a single line item for each share code, with the line item figures representing a total across all portfolios in the Consolidated View. This option is available on the Overview Page, Performance Report, and Sold Securities Report.

When using the ‘Combine holdings by code’ option, a label indicates the number of portfolios that contains this share code.

Click the label to display a dropdown menu that allows you to access the Individual Holding Page for each of the underlying holdings.

2 Viewing holdings within the Consolidated View

How to change the holding viewing options

1 - Toggle to ‘Combining Holdings by Code’ to combine holdings.

Combine holdings by code

2 - SToggle to switch off ‘Combine Holdings by Code’.

Switchoff Combine holdings

Last modified on December 9, 2021 UTC

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