Bulk importing historical trades via CSV

To import a CSV spreadsheet file containing historical buy and sell trades into your Sharesight portfolio, simply select ‘Import a CSV file’ from the ‘Add Holding’ drop-down button and follow the prompts.

Important note on useage limits – Sharesight is designed for investors. Due to the real-time nature of our performance calculations, Sharesight is not suitable for active traders with large trading volumes. Sharesight is limited to a maximum of 300 trades per holding and works best with less than 3000 trades per portfolio. Our CSV import tool allows a maximum of 500 trades per CSV file.

Bulk Importing Historical Trades via CSV - Sharesight Portfolio Management

CSV File - Column Headers

Compulsory Fields

Column HeaderDescriptionAccepted ValuesExample
Trade DateThe date of the tradedd/mm/yyyy (must be in this order,use 4 digits for year)22/05/2005
Instrument CodeThe instrument code (stock ticker, fund name, etc)codeTLS
QuantityThe quantity of shares bought or soldInteger (should be a positive value)1000
Price in DollarsThe price per share in the currency of the marketDecimal (up to 6dp)12.123456
Transaction TypeWhether the trade was a buy or sellBUY, SELLBUY

Optional Fields

Column HeaderDescriptionAccepted ValuesExampleNotes
Combined CodeThe Instrument Code and Market Code separated by a period.InstrumentCode.MarketCodeTLS.ASXCan be used instead of individual columns for Instrument Code and Market Code
Exchange RateThe exchange rate to be applied to the share price (and brokerage if applicable) - quoted as the amount of foreign currency that equals $1 of local currencyDecimal (up to 6dp)1.123456If not specified, will default to the closing exchange rate on the trade date
BrokerageThe brokerage fee paid per share in the Brokerage Currency specifiedDecimal (up to 2dp)39.95If not specified, will default to zero
Brokerage CurrencyThe currency code that the brokerage was paid in. It must be either your local currency or the currency of the marketISO 4217 formatAUDOptional, If not specified will default to the market currency
CommentsComments to be stored in the comments field for the transactiontextRecommended by Market Analysis newsletter 

Template file

Download the following template files to complete if required:

icon csv   CSV Template - Bulk Importing Historical Trades

Other supported files

The Sharesight file import feature also directly supports export files from the following systems:

Please let us know if you would like support for other export files.

Last modified on April 6, 2017 UTC