Viewing the Contract Notes Inbox

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The Contract Notes Inbox in your Sharesight portfolio displays a list of all emails sent to your portfolio email address via the Broker Email Importer feature.

Within the Contract Notes Inbox you can view:

Portfolio inbox 1

To check the status of processed contract notes:

The ‘Import status’ column displays the status of the processed contract note:

view trades Green box - processed contract notes

failed Red triangle - failed contract notes

Accessing the Contract Notes Inbox


Select the link in the contract note notification email if enabled.


1 – From any page click on the ‘Settings’ tab.

2 – Click the ‘Trade Confirmation email’ side tab.

3 – Select ‘View email inbox’.

Portfolio inbox 2

View the contract note

Click on the PDF icon. PDF

To view or receive a copy of the broker’s email

Click on the email link in the ‘Subject’ column or on the status icon in the ‘Import status’.

Portfolio inbox 3

  • To receive a copy of the broker’s email - click the ‘Send me a copy of this email’ button.

    Portfolio Inbox 4

Last modified on April 30, 2024 UTC

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