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Sharesight portfolio basic detail settings are applied to the portfolio you are currently in. The setting is selected when you create a new portfolio and most of these settings can be edited within the settings tab.

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Change your portfolio settings:

1 – From any page click on the ‘Settings’ tab.

2 – Click the ‘Details’ side tab.

3 – Portfolio Name – This is the display name used for the portfolio within Sharesight.

Type in the ‘Portfolio Name’ field to change the portfolio name.

4 – Tax Residency – This is the tax residency of your portfolio and depending on which country you chose, it will determine the portfolio currency (NZD, USD, etc.), as well as its tax and reporting functionality.

Note:Tax Residency of a portfolio cannot be changed once it has been set up. This is due to the fact that all data is converted to the currency and calculated according to the tax requirements of the country. Learn how to recreate a portfolio in a different tax residency.

5 – Financial Year – From the dropdown menu, select the month which marks the end of your financial year. For example, choosing March as the end of the financial year means a 1 April to 31 March financial year.

Select the month that the portfolio financial year ends in from the dropdown menu.

6 – Performance Calculation Method – This setting determines whether percentage return figures are calculated using the simple method or the compound method.

Select the Performance Calculation Method of the portfolio from the dropdown menu.

7 – Click the ‘Save Settings’ button to save any changes made.

Wanting to recreate a portfolio in a different tax residency.

Last modified on September 8, 2023 UTC

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