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Trade Confirmation Emails

Sharesight can import trades from the PDF and email trade confirmation that your broker sends you via email. Sharesight currently supports over 150 online brokers.

Using the Trade Confirmation Emails feature either forward the trade confirmation to the email address that Sharesight creates for your portfolio or provide that email address to your broker from them to send a copy of the trade confirmation directly to your portfolio’s email address so your portfolio is automatically updated each time you trade.

Sharesight Connect

Brokers that have partnered with Sharesight and utilise Sharesight Connect, have an ongoing active connection, your trades (i.e. buy and sell) will automatically be record in your Sharesight portfolio. Most of these brokers also provide the option to import your historical trades.

Exchanges Sharesight tracks and price updates

Sharesight updates prices for the NZX and ASX with a 20 minute delay. To refresh the price for a holding simply refresh the page. Sharesight updates prices for all other exchanges once daily at market close.

Additionally, for all supported managed/mutual funds Sharesight updates the prices fortnightly.

This is due to the fact we depend on our upstream data provider for all price feeds. We have different providers for different markets. Hence some take more time than others to pass on this data which is then accordingly reflected in Sharesight. 

Sharesight currently supports 28 Stock Exchanges and Managed/Mutual Funds, meaning data such as the price, dividends and corporate actions for holdings in your portfolio will update automatically.

Sharesight has access to 200 global markets and roll out more markets on demand. Please leave a message in our community forum to request a new market.

Last modified on May 5, 2021 UTC

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