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Sharesight users can now sync investments from their Stropro account with their Sharesight portfolio. By utilising the Sharesight API, Stropro users can gain a complete view of their investments by syncing their account with Sharesight alongside other investments from their brokers.

How to connect Sharesight with Stropro:

1 - Sign in to your Stropro account.

2 - Once logged into your Stropro account, a notification to sync with Sharesight will appear. Click on the blue ‘Turn on sync’ button. Stropro Screenshot for Sharesight

3 - You will then be directed to sign into your Sharesight account.

If you have a single Sharesight portfolio:

If you have a single portfolio in Sharesight your Stropro investments will automatically show in your Sharesight account within 24-48 hours.

If you have multiple Sharesight portfolios:

You will receive a notification that Stropro will call you within the next business day. You will need to confirm the name of the portfolio you wish to have your Stropro investments integrate with to the Stropro team. Once confirmed, your Stropro investments will show in your nominated Sharesight portfolio within 24-48 hours.

4 - A notification will pop up to confirm the API is connected for single portfolio Sharesight users. Or you will be presented with the notification that Stropro will call you to confirm the portfolio you wish to integrate with.

Once the connection is established you will see your Stropro investments in your Sharesight portfolio. The pricing data for these instruments will update once daily overnight.

Last modified on October 28, 2021 UTC

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