Connect your Sharesight portfolio to ProductRex

Sharesight Pro accounts can now sync their Sharesight portfolios into their ProductRex account. By connecting to ProductRex via the Sharesight API, Pro users can assess their portfolios and receive recommendations on their investments targeted towards their risk strategies.

How to connect your Sharesight Pro portfolio to ProductRex

1 - Sign into your ProductRex account and then go into the account you wish to link with Sharesight.

2 - On your ProductRex dashboard, click the ‘+’ symbol under the ‘Current’ table to add a portfolio & select the account type.


3 - Once selected, click the green ‘+’ button to add.


4 - Once added, click on the grey space to open up the account.


5 - Click on the import investments icon and select the Sharesight Pro option.


6 - Click to either sign up for a Sharesight Pro trial account or to import your current Sharesight Pro portfolio.


7 - You will be prompted to log into your Sharesight account. Once logged in, click to authorize access to your Sharesight account.


8 - Back on your account screen in ProductRex, you will now see the option to connect your Sharesight portfolio.

ProductRex7 9 - Select the portfolio you’d like to link with ProductRex and then click the green ‘import’ button. ProductRex8

This import will bring across all your Sharesight investment data into your ProductRex portfolio. Once integrated, real-time data will sync live from Sharesight into ProductRex.

Last modified on November 11, 2021 UTC

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