Sync your Sharesight portfolio value with PocketSmith

Sharesight users can easily connect their account to PocketSmith to gain a holistic view of their finances. PocketSmith’s integration with the Sharesight API allows investors to sync their portfolio value automatically to PocketSmith - making it easy to visualise your complete financial picture.

How to connect Sharesight to PocketSmith:

1 - Log into your Pocketsmith account

2 - Select Accounts and head to the Bank feeds page

3 - Click the + New Connection button Pocketsmith1

4 - In the search bar, enter ‘Sharesight’, then click the ‘+Add Connection’ button to the right of the Sharesight logo


5 - Click ‘Authorize’. You will then be presented with consent information related to the API connection.


6 - Once connected, you will be prompted to Link an account with Pocketsmith. Pocketsmith4

7 - Click ‘Link Accounts’ to establish the connection, go to step 2: Create Accounts Pocketsmith5

8 - Select the portfolio(s) you would like to sync to PocketSmith, and then click ‘Add to Pocketsmith’. Please note, unselected accounts will remain unlinked.


9 - Your Sharesight portfolio(s) are now linked to your Pocketsmith account Pocketsmith7

Once connected, your portfolio value will be synced in real-time to Pocketsmith to be viewed alongside the other accounts you have connected to your Pocketsmith account.

Last modified on October 26, 2021 UTC

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