Manually set up a dividend to be reinvested

In Sharesight you can track your dividends that you have reinvested, DRIPs.

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How to manually set up a dividend to be reinvested:

1 – On the Portfolio Overview page, select the holding you would like to set the dividend to reinvest on.

2 – On the Individual Holding page, click on ‘Edit’ link on the dividend you would like to reinvest.

2 - DRIP

3 – On the ‘Enter a new payment’, tick ‘Dividend Reinvestment’.

3 - DRIP

4 – Enter the number of shares you received.

5 – Either enter the share price or click on the automated price below the box.

6 – Click ‘ Save and confirm payout’.

4 - 6 - DRIP

Last modified on November 1, 2022 UTC

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