Connect your Sharesight portfolio to Stockfox

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Sharesight users can now link their portfolio to their Stockfox share market advice account. Sharesight users can connect their Sharesight and Stockfox accounts to see how their investment portfolio is performing alongside the clear, actionable tips and analysis Stockfox provides.

How to connect Sharesight to Stockfox

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1 - Log into your Stockfox account

2 - From any page, click the ‘Settings’ menu and scroll down to click on Sharesight Stockfox2

3 - Click to connect to Sharesight Stockfox3

Note: only your default portfolio will be connected to Stockfox

4 - Once logged in, select the checkbox to authorise access for data to be shared with Stockfox Stockfox4

5 - Your default portfolio will now be connected to and shown in Stockfox, you will find these holdings under the ‘Portfolio’ tab in your account. The first 10 holdings in your portfolio will be shown in Stockfox. You can click the ‘see more on Sharesight’ link to view all of your holdings in Sharesight.


Once connected, your data will sync in real-time to your Stockfox dashboard. You can use Stockfox’s insights and tips for the 10 holdings that are synced from Sharesight to Stockfox.

Last modified on March 1, 2022 UTC

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