Sharesight Pricing Increase FAQ

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Pricing Increase Frequently Asked Questions

When does the pricing adjustment come into effect?

Pricing adjustments come into effect on April 4th, 2022.
Will the pricing adjustment apply to all products and regions? The price rise applies only to the standard Sharesight product in Australia & New Zealand.

What if I have already paid past the new price effective date?

The new pricing only applies to invoices issued on or after 4 April 2022. If you received and have already paid an annual invoice on April 2nd, 2022, the new pricing will take effect from the next issued invoice in May, 2023. For monthly payers, the new pricing would take effect from May 2nd, 2022

Why has Sharesight increased its prices?

Although Sharesight has not increased standard pricing since 2015, to continue to deliver the best, we need to build enhancements, upgrade our platform and expand our market and instrument coverage licenses to give you the tools required for your investing success. Platform progress and additional, timely data means you continue to deepen your understanding of your investments and improve your tax planning.

These enhancements can be reflected in the price adjustment and cover 50 features released in 2021 alone as well as many more, including:

  • Intraday Pricing (US & UK markets)
  • UK Mutual Fund support
  • AIM support
  • NEO stock exchange (Canada)
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange (SHG)
  • Euronext Dublin (DUB)
  • Moscow Exchange (MISX)
  • Stock Exchange of Thailand (BKK)
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange (WAR)
  • Budapest Stock Exchange
  • KOSDAQ (Korea)
  • Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • Multi Currency Valuation Report
  • Multi Period Report
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • API V3
  • Increased portfolio limits (Expert and Investor plan subscribers)

We will continue to deliver improvements to provide clarity and insights on your investments.

How can I lock in the current subscription prices for another year?

You have the opportunity to lock in the previous pricing structure for 12 months. To do so, you will need to renew your subscription and be on an annual plan before April 4th, 2022. Your subscription may be renewed in advance even if your renewal is after the April 4th deadline. To renew, log into Sharesight and click the ‘Account’ menu and then click onto the ‘Plans and Payment’ option. Here, you will find the option to renew early. You may also upgrade or downgrade your plan and you will still receive all the benefits of the new pricing structure.

What is the new amount?

$25.33 per month billed monthly$38.67 per month billed monthly$65.33 per month billed monthly
$19 per month billed yearly$29 per month billed yearly$49 per month billed yearly
$228 per year billed yearly$348 per year billed yearly$588 per year billed yearly

Do I need to do anything to change my payment?

If you pay via credit or debit card you don’t have to do anything. The adjusted amount will be automatically drawn from your nominated bank account or credit card when the invoices are due.

If you send us a scheduled payment from your bank account you will need to adjust the payment amount to reflect the new pricing.

Can I change my method of payment?

If you are currently paying us via bank transfer, you can switch your payment method to debit or credit card at:

What if I have a question?

Please contact our support team

Last modified on February 28, 2022 UTC

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