Missing Trades in your Sharesight portfolio?

Have you imported your historical trade history from your broker or from a file you downloaded from your broker and are missing trades in your Sharesight portfolio?

The most common reason is, in the past you have had more than one broker.

The Settlement System Registrar will have sent your new broker part of the trade information:

  • Which holdings you own
  • Date of trade
  • How many shares

(The Settlement System Registrar is known as; CHESS in Australia, NZCDC in New Zealand & CDS in Canada)

However, your new broker will not have added this information into your historical trade data so this will not be imported into Sharesight by either the Broker and Provider importer or the File importer.

To add these holdings and trades you can either:

Import from your old broker by either downloading the CSV file of your historical trades or if Sharesight supports the broker, you can import the trades via the broker and provider importer.

If you no longer have access to your old broker, you can add the holdings and trades manually.

If you don’t remember all the information on the trades such as date purchased and share prices you can add the trades as an opening balance. We recommend starting at the beginning of a financial year.

Last modified on October 23, 2018 UTC