View transactions log from Sharesight connected brokers

1 – From any page within Sharesight, click on the ‘Integration’ tab.

2 - Click on the ‘View Transactions Log’ link. The Transaction log for your portfolio will load.

1 & 2 Transactions Log

The transactions log for your portfolio page:

Sharesight Transactions Log

1 - Date range

2 - ‘Show failures only’ toggle to display either; all imported and error trades or only error trades that were not imported

3 - ‘Import Ran At’ - date and time the trades were imported

4 - ‘Import Sources’ - where the trades were imported from

5 - ‘Details’ - information on the import

6 - ‘Result’ - display number of trades imported and the number of trades that failed, which were unable to be imported.

Last modified on August 20, 2019 UTC