Revoke Sharesight Connect connection

Revoking access to an organisation and Sharesight will sever the connect between Sharesight and the organisation. This will stop your trades being automatically populated in Sharesight from the organisation revoke access to. It will not delete any holdings, you will need to manually do this if you wish.

1 – Select the ‘Setting’ tab

2 – Select ‘Sharesight connect’ side tab

3 – Click the ‘Revoke’ link in the ‘Action’ column under ‘API access for Sharesight Partners’

Revoke connection

4 – From the ‘Warning’ popup, click ‘Delete’ this will delete the connect to the organisation on Sharesight end.

CMC revoke step 4

5 – You will need to contact the organisation to revoke the connection on their end.

Last modified on August 19, 2021 UTC

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