Manually forwarding broker trade confirmations

It is possible to manually forward trade confirmations to Sharesight yourself.

You may wish to do this if your broker is unable to email them to Sharesight or if you wish to populate your portfolio through historical Trade Confirmations.

Note: Only forward valid Trade Confirmations in PDF format - Invoices, remittance advice, order confirmations, etc, are unable to be processed.

In order to ensure correct processing, please ensure that you:

1 – Set up the Trade Confirmations Emails feature in your Sharesight portfolio.

2 – When forwarding on your brokers Trade Confirmation: - Send the email to the unique email address for your portfolio, generates by Sharesight. - In the subject line include the exact spelling of the broker’s name.

Note: In order to ensure a correct match, type the broker’s name exactly as it appears in our list of supported brokers.

Last modified on August 19, 2021 UTC

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