Import and sync Tiger Broker trades

Connect your Tiger Broker account for your buy and sell trades to be automatically populated in Sharesight each time you trade and to import your trading history from Tiger Broker.

Step 1: Login into your Tiger Broker account and select the Report tile.


Step 2: Select the “Tax Report” tab


You can either link to your existing Sharesight account or create a new one. These option will redirect you to a Sharesight Login/signup page.


Step 3: Authorize access to your sharesight account.


Step 4: Once the access is authorised, you will then be redirected to your Tiger broker account. Moving forward, your trades will be synced daily [ 23:00 AEDT ]. If you have multiple portfolios on Sharesight, your Tiger account can be linked to the specific portfolio by clicking on “Edit” option.



*Users with an existing Sharesight account who have already reconciled their trades on Tiger: Please select a Sync trades date to avoid duplicate transactions and click on connect. *

Step 5: Click on the “View Tax Report” button, to generate a report in Sharesight.


NOTE: The connection can be revoked from your sharesight account. In order to do so, please select Account > Sharesight API > Tiger New Zealand (Revoke)


Last modified on March 16, 2023 UTC

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