Adjust a dividend

Content also available for New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian tax entities or on our global site.

Sharesight allows you to add or adjust interest or dividend payments from the holding page for each holding in your portfolio.

Edit a dividend

edit a dividend 2

Step by step guide to adjusting a dividend

The payment type and fields that are available will depend on the holding type and your Portfolio tax residency.

Tool-tips are available to provide further detail on each field. To view the tooltip, hover the mouse cursor over the tooltip icon: Addingandeditingdividendsandinterestpayments3

Dividend 6


  • Non-Taxable Select the tick box to mark the dividend as non-taxable. This means that the dividend will no longer appear in the NZ or AU taxable income reports. This feature can be used to record non-taxable capital returns and other types of non-taxable payouts such as PIE dividends.

  • Dividend Reinvestment Select the tick box to record a Dividend Reinvestment

  • Comments & attachments You may upload a file to store alongside the trade. Simply click the “Choose a file” button. Note that you may only store one file per holding at a time, and the system will only display the latest file. iPhone/iPad users: Unfortunately, due to a limitation with the mobile iOS browser, you may only select files from your photo library. So you may choose to take a photo of your file and upload it, or upload the actual file from a computer.

  • Reject This button is shown if you are editing an automatic dividend (indicated by the ‘unconfirmed’ status)

    Rejecting the dividend means that Sharesight will no longer show a dividend for the particular dividend payment event in Sharesight’s database.

  • Delete This button is shown if you are editing a manual dividend, and will delete the dividend from your records.

  • Save Button The save button will save the transaction and return you to the Holding Detail page. When you save an automatic transaction it will lose it’s system generated status and become saved against the holding. This means that it will no longer automatically adjust itself if you alter historic purchase or sale information.

Last modified on April 4, 2024 UTC

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