Sharesight Pro dashboard

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Sharesight Pro features a dashboard that provides a complete overview of the:

This page applies only to Sharesight Pro partners.

Portfolios tab

Lists all of your portfolios (both those that you own and portfolios that have been shared with you).

Click the ‘+’ icon to expand the row to:

  • View who has access to the portfolio and their access level
  • Change client’s access level
  • Be taken to Portfolio settings
  • Share access with a client

Click on the portfolio name to access the portfolio.

Click ‘Add a Portfolio’ to create a new portfolio.


Clients tab

Lists all of your clients you have shared access of their portfolios with.

Click the client to: - View which portfolios they have access to or portfolios that the client has shared with you - Change the access level - Be taken to Portfolio settings - Create a new portfolio to share with that client

Click ‘Add new client’ to share access of a portfolio to a new client.

Note: Only the portfolio owner can share the portfolio or change the sharing settings.


Consolidated Views tab

Lists all of your Consolidated Views set up and create new Consolidated Views.

Click the ‘+’ icon to: - View the portfolios in the Consolidated View - Click on the portfolio name to access the portfolio - Click setting to be taken to Consolidated View settings

Click on the Consolidated View name to access the Consolidated View.

Click ‘Add Consolidated View’ to create a Consolidated View.

Note: Portfolios are viewed as a separate tax entity as such tax reports cannot be run on Consolidated Views.


Staff tab

Lists all of your colleagues on the account and their access level. List pending staff that have yet to accept the invitation and create a staff login.

Note: The staff tab is accessible to the account owner and any staff that have been set up with owner level access.


- Create additional logins for staff members by clicking the ‘Add staff member’

  • Manage staff access permissions level and detail by click on the staff member’s name


Last modified on August 19, 2021 UTC

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