Using the Sharesight Pro dashboard

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The professional edition of Sharesight – Sharesight Pro – features a dashboard that provides a complete overview of the portfolios that are owned by (or shared with) your organisation, and allows you to manage access permissions for your clients and staff.

Portfolio view

The portfolio view lists all of your portfolios (both those that you own and any portfolios that have been shared with you). You may also click to expand each row to view who has access to each portfolio. Click on the portfolio name to access the portfolio. You may click to change the access level or share the portfolio with another person directly from this page.


Client view

The client view lists all of your clients. You may click to expand each row to view the portfolios that you have shared with the client as well as any portfolios that the client may have shared with you. In the example below you have shared “Sure to Rise Investments” with Patty Cakes.

Note: Only the portfolio owner can share the portfolio or change the sharing settings.


Consolidated Views

Create consolidated views for your staff to view. Please note: typically each portfolio is viewed as a separate tax entity hence tax reports cannot be run on consolidated views.


Staff tab

The staff tab is accessible to the account owner and any staff that have been set up with owner level access.


This page allows you to create additional logins for staff members and manage their access permissions. Staff member logins have full access to all portfolios under your account.


Adding portfolios

The ‘Add a portfolio’ button at the top of the page allows you to add new portfolios to your account. Any portfolios that you add will be tallied up and added to your next monthly invoice. Your client will receive an invitation email inviting them to create a free guest account to view their portfolio data.


Getting Help

Chat to our dedicated account manager via the chat icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen. The account manager is available 9-5pm AEST.


Last modified on May 10, 2017 UTC