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Sharesight launched support for Australian mFunds back in 2014 enabling you to automatically track your mFund investments inside your Sharesight portfolio.

Sharesight receiving daily, automatic updates across their entire range of investments just like any tradable security from ASX. Read more about it on our blog.

However, the distribution were not able to be automated and you had to manually add them.

As of 20 February 2020 Sharesight is now able to receive the distribution data from our partners’ Morningstar.

Once you add a mFund holding Sharesight will calculate the performance and automatically create the distribution from the first purchase.

Note: If you added mFund holdings before 20 February 2020 you will continue to see your manually created distribution records. Sharesight assumes that you have already manually entered each corporate action/distribution record and will not create new ones. As this would result in doubling up on payouts. Existing mFund holdings will see Sharesight automated distribution records under the corporate actions tab as ‘rejected’.

Moving forward Sharesight will automatically create the distributions.

How to add mFunds:

1 - Click the ‘Add New Holding’ button from either the Portfolio Overview Page or Individual Holding Page.

mFund 1

2 - On the ‘Add Holding page’ type the managed fund name or code in the ‘Search by company name or code’ field and select from the dropdown list.

mFund 2

3 - Add the transaction details for the mfund:

a - Trade date: Buy date of the investment.

b - Trade type: Create a Buy transaction or Opening Balance. The Opening Balance is useful if you don’t have the full transaction history available.

c - Quantity: Enter the number of units either bought or held at the opening balance.

d - Share Price: Price paid for each share.

e - Brokerage (optional): Enter any brokerage paid. Can select currency the brokerage was paid in from the dropdown menu.

Click on ‘Save trade’ to save the mfund entry. mFund 3

4 - All the mfund distributions will be recorded by Sharesight automatically under the ‘All Distribution’ section on the “Trades & income “ tab of Individual Holding page once it hits the ex-date.

mfund 4

Note: Ex-date is the date on which Sharesight record the distribution payments an investor is entitled to. This means Investors who purchased the managed fund before the ex-dividend date are entitled to the next distribution payment; those who purchased the managed fund on the ex-dividend date or after are not. In the latter case, the previous seller is entitled to the payout.

Last modified on April 10, 2024 UTC

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