Multi-Currency Valuation Report

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Note: This report is only available on Expert and Sharesight Pro plans. You can upgrade your plan to use this feature.

The Multi-Currency Valuation Report in Sharesight allows you to see the value of the holdings (investments) in a portfolio denominated in the foreign currency of your choice, on any past date since your portfolio’s creation.

The report calculates the final end-of-day value on the date selected for each holding in a portfolio, then applies the prevailing foreign exchange rate to calculate the value in the foreign currency chosen.

To make this calculation, Sharesight uses intraday FX rates from Open Exchange Rates, with support for over 67 different currencies in the report.

The report shows all investments held within a portfolio on the report date. As well as:

  • The currency each investment is denominated in
  • The price per unit in that currency
  • The number of units held
  • The value of the investment in the investment currency
  • The value in the base currency of the Tax Residency of the portfolio
  • The foreign exchange rate used
  • The value of the investment in the foreign currency chosen

The report also allows you to view values broken down along a number of default dimensions or use Sharesight’s Custom Groups feature to group investments according to your own classifications.

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Running the Multi-Currency Valuation Report

Follow this guide for help on the various options available when running the report.

1- From any page click on the ‘Report’ tabMCVR1

2- Click the Multi-Currency Valuation Report tileMCVR2

3- Select the date to run the report

From the dropdown calendar, choose the date on which you would like to run the report. By default it is set to the current date. MCVR3

4- Select the grouping to view in the report

  • Market
  • Currency
  • Sector Classification
  • Industry Classification
  • Investment type
  • Country
  • Do not group (Holdings)
  • Custom Groups - If you have already created a Custom Group, you can view the holdings values via your own organised specifications.

If you haven’t already created a Custom Group, you can click the ‘Custom Group Settings’ to set up a Custom Group to organise your holdings into your own specifications. MCVR4

5- Select the Foreign Currency to view the report in

Choose from over 67 foreign currencies (including common cryptocurrencies) from the drop down menu. MCVR5

6- View the Multi-Currency Report

Wait for the report to finish running, then view the report, or make changes to the options selected to further customise the report. MCVR6

Note: The currency FX rate used is indicated at the end of the report.

Last modified on June 5, 2024 UTC

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