Supported Cryptocurrencies

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Sharesight currently supports 8 Cryptocurrencies this means the prices for these Cryptocurrencies in your portfolio will update automatically.


In addition to Cryptocurrencies, you can also track: stocks, Mutual Funds, Managed Funds, ETFs, mFunds, listed bonds, cash, fixed interest holdings, foreign currencies and unlisted assets.

Currency movements on all foreign investments are automatically incorporated into your total position.

The Cryptocurrencies you invest in is not listed above?

Add the investment to your Sharesight portfolio as a custom investment.

Would you like us to support the Cryptocurrencies you invest in?

We’re continually working to increase the number of Cryptocurrencies that we support. If the Cryptocurrencies you invest in is not listed above, ask us to support it by ‘sharing an idea’ on the Sharesight community forum. If someone else has already suggested that we add that Cryptocurrencies, please click the ‘+1’ button to add your vote.

Last modified on March 17, 2020 UTC

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