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With Sharesight you can share portfolios with your clients.

This feature enables you to add an additional benefit to the service you offer to your clients and enable them to track the performance of their investments.

If your client does not already have a Sharesight account they will be prompted to create a free guest account to view the portfolio.

Note: This page applies only to Sharesight Pro partners.

There are 3 access levels:

  • Read Only – able to view all of the data in your portfolio, but will not be able to change or modify any of the data.

  • Read and Write – able to view all of the information in your portfolio as well as add, modify and delete shares, trades, and dividends. They will not be able to add new portfolios, alter any of the portfolio settings or invite additional users to view your portfolio.

  • Admin – able to view and modify all data in the portfolio as well as edit the portfolio settings, Xero settings, and Sharesight Connect settings. They will not be able to delete or rename the portfolio, or invite additional users to view your portfolio.

Once you have invited a client to access a portfolio, you can change their level of access to any of your portfolios at any time from the Clients tab on the Dashboard.

What happens when I invite someone?

Clients who are not currently Sharesight users will receive an email notifying them that they have been granted access to your portfolio. They will be given a free guest login to Sharesight where they can view your portfolio.

Existing Sharesight users will receive an email notifying them and they will see your portfolio included in their list of portfolios.

How to add a client

1 - From the dashboard, click the ‘clients’ tab.

Pro client 1

2 - Click ‘Add new client’ then select either ‘with a new portfolio’ to share a band new portfolio or ‘with access to existing portfolio’ to share a portfolio already created.

Choosing share a new portfolio you will be directed to the ‘Create a new Portfolio’ page to create a new portfolio and then need to select ‘Share with a client’. This option does not provide the option to create a invitation link to email the client yourself.

Pro client 2

3 - Select the portfolio to share from the dropdown menu.

4 - Select ‘New user’ if it the first time you are sharing a portfolio with this client or ‘Existing User’ if this is an additional portfolio sharing with a client.

5 - Type in the clients name and email address in the fields provided.

6 - Select the access level.

7 - You have the option to edit the message, if sending the invitation through Sharesight.

8 - If sending the invitation through Sharesight you have the option to receive a copy of the invitation.

9 - Or you have the option to create a link to Sharesight’s invitation and send your client an email yourself.

10 - Click ‘Share Portfolio’.

Pro client 3

Note: Sharing a portfolio with a client will also share your custom groupings. They will be able to see and select any of your custom groupings when viewing this portfolio.

Referring a client to Sharesight

With Sharesight you have the option to refer clients to sign up to Sharesight directly as an alternative to you creating portfolios for your clients, they can create them and share them with you. Learn more about referring clients to Sharesight

Last modified on June 8, 2023 UTC

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