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Within Sharesight we offer both the knowledge base and tutorial videos, however did you know you can find answers to your queries from inside your Sharesight portfolio? Find out below how to find customer support within your portfolio (Investor and Expert plan only).

We offer the following options to help answer your questions:

Sharesight Knowledge Base

This feature offers help for the particular page you are on at the time you click ‘help with this page’. To find the knowledge base first, click the ‘Help’ tab to view the help options in your portfolio (1). Then, ‘View the Help documentation for this page’ (2) or type a keyword in the search bar. If your keyword comes back with no results, go to the knowledge base directly by clicking ‘knowledge base’ just on top of the search bar. GetHelpWithCurrentPageNewSS1

Sharesight Community Forum

The Sharesight community forum allows you to search for tips and information, share ideas, report a problem, view announcements, or just to let us know what you think of the service. You can use the Help tab to post topics directly to the forum, or you can browse the forum directly and ask your question there. Sharesight staff monitor the forum throughout the day and quickly respond to queries.

Step 1: Click the ‘or visit our discussion forum’ button:


Step 2: Sign up for the forum or login and ask your question:

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Contacting Sharesight Client Support

Investor and Expert plan users (paid plans only) can choose to contact support privately for one-on-one assistance or to communicate personal information.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Contact Sharesight Support’ button:


Step 2: Fill in the form, choose a clear topic, give as many details about your question and add a document or take a screenshot if it helps make your question clear:


Last modified on December 4, 2017 UTC