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Connecting your Sharesight account to your Morningstar Investor account

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This integration is currently only available with Morningstar Investor Australia.

Australia Morningstar Investor has teamed up with Sharesight to provide their users with Sharesight’s portfolio performance and tax reporting connected to their independent investment research, tools and insights to help investors make informed investment decisions and reach their financial goals with confidence. Read more on our blog

How to connect your Sharesight account with your Morningstar Investor account:

1 - Login to your Morningstar Investor account.

2 - Click on the ‘Track investment’ tab.


3 - Click on the ‘Let’s get started’ button.


4 - Click on the ‘Yes, Proceed’ button from the popup window to proceed to Sharesight.


5 - Signup or Login to Sharesight.

5 - Morningstar connection

6 - Click on the ‘I agree to the Morningstar API connection’ tick box.

Note: Morningstar is only accessing your portfolio & holding trade data.

7 - Click on the ‘Authorise’ button.

6 & 7 - Morningstar connection

8 - Morningstar will then load your Sharesight trade data into the Morningstar Investor platform.


9 - When setting up the connection, if you log in to your Sharesight account the Morningstar Investor platform ‘Track investment’ page will now be populated with your Sharesight trade data.


If you have just signed up for Sharesight to utilised portfolio performance and tax reporting. You need to click on the ‘Add holdings’ button and get started with Sharesight and start by adding your investment data into Sharesight.


Morningstar Investor Portfolio Overview page:

Morningstar New screenshots (Infographic)

1 - Portfolio name this can be changed in Sharesight.

2 - ‘Update Sharesight data’ button - click to update your Sharesight portfolio data in Morningstar, if you have updated the portfolio in Sharesight.

Note: This only needs to be clicked if you have not reloaded the Morningstar ‘Track investment’ or Portfoliio page since changes have been made to Sharesight.

3 - Portfolio Overview tab.

4 - X-Ray report tab.

5 - Portfolio Summary, since inception. Data pulled from Sharesight.

6 - Portfolio performance graph data ranges.

7 - Add benchmarks to the chart.

8 - Performance graph. Data pulled from Sharesight.

9 - ‘Manage my portfolio’ button - click to launch Sharesight.

10 - List of holdings in the portfolio pulled from Sharesight. Linked with Morningstar’s research data and links to research holding pages.

11 - ‘+ Add portfolio’ - click to add an additional portfolio, this button will launch Sharesight’s add a portfolio page then you will need to add your investment data into Sharesight.

How to revoke the connection between Sharesight and Morningstar.

Last modified on July 8, 2022 UTC

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