Bulk import your historical trades via the file importer

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The file import feature allows you to import a CSV spreadsheet file containing either your historical buy and sell trades or opening balances for each holding. Importing a CSV is a quick method to add your holdings to your Sharesight portfolio.

Most online stock brokers will enable you to download historical trade history in a csv format.

Note that if you have changed broker and have had your historical trades transfer to your new broker, these historical trades will not be on you CSV file download from your new broker. You will need to download the CSV from the original broker or adding the holdings and trades in manually.

File format

The file upload facility supports comma separated value (CSV) files. If you are creating or modifying a file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, it is important that you save the file as a CSV before uploading to Sharesight. To do this, click ‘save as’ and then choose CSV in the file type drop down box. excel csv file

The first row of your file should contain a header for each column as described on the following pages. It is important that the column headers and data values match the format supplied below to ensure that your data is imported correctly.

If necessary, convert your XLS or XLSX file to CSV format. If you require assistance please contact support and we will help you.

Important note on useage limits – Sharesight is designed for investors. Due to the real-time nature of our performance calculations, Sharesight is not suitable for active traders with large trading volumes. Sharesight is limited to a maximum of 300 trades per holding and works best with less than 3000 trades per portfolio. Our CSV import tool allows a maximum of 500 trades per CSV file.

Last modified on March 16, 2020 UTC