Changing the tax setting of your portfolio

Content also available for Australian and Canadian tax entities or on our global site.

If you want to change the tax setting in a portfolio with a tax residency from one of the countries below, please click on the country and follow the country specific instructions:

To change your existing default tax setting:

1 – Select the ‘Settings’ tab.

2 – Select the ‘Tax settings’ tab.

3 – Select your chosen ‘Tax Status’. Set the Tax Status of your portfolio to be either:

  • Investor - uses an averaging (pro-rata) sale allocation method when calculating the Historical Cost Report and for calculating accounting gains and losses where the portfolio is synchronised with the [Xero accounting system]/tracking-cash-investments-using-xero/ “Xero”).

  • Trader - option defaults to using a FIFO method, but allows the specific sale allocation method to be set per shareholding. The Traders Tax Report is used to calculate taxable gains on sales based on the selected sale allocation method.

4 – Select the ‘NZ Resident Withholding Tax Rate’ from thee dropdown menu. Look at the New Zealand Inland Revenue website to work out your resident withholding tax.

5 – Click ‘Save’.

NZ Tax Setting

Last modified on December 29, 2022 UTC

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