How to add a new holding

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Please follow the steps below to add a new holdings on your portfolio.

1 - If you have not added any holdings on your portfolio yet, click on the ‘Manually add trades’ tile.

Add_Holding 1

If you wish to add a new holding on your existing portfolio, click on ‘Add holding’ button from the overview page.

Add_Holding 2

2 - Search the holding you wish to add by company name or ticker code.

Add_Holding 3

3 - Enter the following details a. Trade date. b. Transaction type c. Quantity d. Unit/share price e. Exchange rate (If you are adding a foreign stock on your portfolio) f. Brokerage Add_Holding 4

4 - Click on Open comments and attachments and add the details of your tardes and any relevant documents for future reference (available on paild plans only).

Add_Holding 5

5 - Click on ‘Save Trade’ button.

Add buy & sell trades or adjustments manually

Last modified on September 28, 2023 UTC

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