Connect your Sharesight portfolio with Diversiview

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Sharesight users can connect and sync their entire portfolio to their Diversiview account. Sharesight’s API allows users to combine Sharesight’s powerful reporting tools with Diversiview’s comprehensive analytic tools to obtain deeper insights and recommendations on their investments.

Connect your Sharesight portfolio to Diversiview

1 - Sign in to your Diversiview account

2 - On your Dashboard, click on the button to import from Sharesight Diversiview 02

3 - Follow the prompts to log into your Sharesight Account

4 - Click the checkbox to allow Diversivew to connect to your portfolio and then click to authorise Diversiview4

5 - You will be taken back to your Diversivew dashboard and prompted to select a portfolio from the drop-down menu to import. Select your portfolio and then click to import. Refresh the page once you import. Diversiview3

6 - To import multiple Sharesight portfolios to Diversiview, on your Diversivew dashboard click the ‘Import from Sharesight’ button. Select your portfolio from the drop-down menu then click import. Once you have imported your other portfolios, refresh the page for them to load into your dashboard.

7 - Click on the view button in line with your portfolio to view Diversiview’s analytics on your Sharesight portfolio


Once imported, data will sync from your connected Sharesight portfolio to Diversiview in real-time. The indicators for each Sharesight portfolio imported are calculated by Diversiview.

If you are already a Diversiview customer

The partnership offers Diversiview customers access to one free portfolio in Sharesight, with unlimited holdings, advanced reporting and support. Login and claim yours via your account dashboard.

Click on the claim button and follow the steps Diversiview

If you already have a Sharesight account you will be able to see the new portfolio from Diversiview in your Sharesight dashboard. The extra portfolio does not count towards your Sharesight plan limit.

Last modified on May 1, 2023 UTC

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