Sync recent Saxo Markets trades

1 – From any page within Sharesight, click on the ‘Integrations’ tab.

1 - integration tab

2 - Click on the ‘Saxo Markets’ link.

1 & 2 - Syncing Saxo Markets trades

3 - Click on the ‘Synchronise trades’ button.

3 - Syncing Saxo Markets trades

4 - Saxo Markets login page will load. This is a Saxo Market page, Sharesight does not have access to your login details. Type in your login details and click the ‘log in’ button.

4 - Syncing Saxo Markets trades

5 - Back in Sharesight, the ‘Import trades from Saxo Markets’ page will load. Your Saxo Markets trading accounts will appear in the dropdown list marked ‘Please select an account’. Select the account you wish to import.

You do not need to change the date range as Sharesight will sync from the last import date, overlapping one day. Trades get updated not duplicated, the system uses unique trade IDs from Saxo Markets.

6 - Click the ‘Import’ button.

5 & 6 - Syncing Saxo Markets trades

Last modified on August 20, 2021 UTC

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