Import and sync your CMC trade account

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Connect your CMC account for your buy and sell trades to be automatically populated in Sharesight each time you trade and to import your trading history from CMC with Sharesight Connect.

Note: This connection only share your trade history and ongoing investment data with Sharesight none of your personal account data is shared.

1 – On the ‘Let’s get started by adding some trades’ page, select the CMC tile from the ‘Broker & Provider Import’ tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

import CMC step1

2 – From the ‘Import and sync your CMC trade account with Sharesight’ window, select the CMC link. This will load CMC.

import CMC step 2

3 – Sign in to your CMC account.

4 – In CMC select the ‘Account’ dropdown menu.

5 – Select ‘Tax & Portfolio Reporting’.

import CMC step 4 & 5

6 – Click ‘Register’.

import CMC step 6

7 – From the ‘Authority to share, trade data with Sharesight’ choose to share your historical trade data by selecting ‘Send my entire trading history to Sharesight’. If you would like your historical trade data in Sharesight.

If this is selected it will download all buys and sell made by CMC since you have held the trade account.

Note: If you have changed brokers and transferred the holdings to CMC these trades will not be imported into Sharesight. Due to a chess transfer.

8 – Select ‘I authorise CMC markets Stockbroking to share data relating to my trading stockbroking account with Sharesight.

9 – Click ‘Proceed’ button.

import CMC step 7, 8 & 9

10 – This will launch Sharesight, sign in or Sign up for a Sharesight account.

import CMC step 10

11 – Select which portfolio you would like your CMC holdings and trade to be imported to. You can choose an existing portfolio or create a new portfolio.

import CMC step 11

12 – Select ‘I agree to allow CMC Markets Stockbroking to access this portfolio via Sharesight Connect’.

13 – Click ‘Finish’.

import CMC step 12 & 13

14 – Once the trades are saved, your Sharesight portfolio will be populated and the Portfolio Overview Page will load.

Your holdings will be calculated by Sharesight’s performance calculation methodology which is a money-weighted return methodology, meaning the investment performance takes account of the size and timing of cash flows.

Sharesight will automatically create dividends and corporate actions for the holdings you have imported.

Now that you have populated your portfolio, we recommend you verify and confirm automatically generated data.

With the CMC Sharesight connect any time you trade with CMC your trade will automatically be populated with Sharesight.

The CMC and Sharesight connect can revoke on Sharesight at anytime.

Last modified on February 19, 2020 UTC