You can now track your Canadian Mutual Funds in Sharesight

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Exciting news!

You can now track over 38,000 Canadian mutual funds in your Sharesight portfolio. Track the true performance of your mutual funds with automatic prices and dividends going back up to 10 years. Read more about it on our blog.

Add mutual funds to your Sharesight portfolio either by:

Already added your mutual funds as custom investments? You can convert them to supported holdings using the ‘move to listed instrument’ feature.

Mutual fund dividends

Mutual funds are not subjected to the same regulations as listed companies. Therefore, it is possible that a mutual fund you have invested in has not provided dividend data to the mutual fund data provider. In this case you can edit the holding to either add or adjust a dividend to reflect the income you have received in your Sharesight portfolio.

Dividend reinvestment

Track your dividend reinvestments using Sharesight.

Last modified on March 17, 2020 UTC

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